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The First Casualty (Hercules - the Legendary Journeys) The First Casualty Hercules The Legendary Journeys PDF Epub Author David L Seidman Pccare247.us Mercantilius And Pastoralis Are Two Towns On The Verge Of All Out War When Hercules Wanders Into Their Little Disagreement, He S Shocked To Learn That He S Already Been There And He S Betrayed Them All There Is Only One Possibility Someone Is Posing As Hercules Someone With Superhuman Powers Of Trickery And Deception Perhaps A Certain Cloven Hoofed God With A Bad Attitude. I had high hopes that this fourth novel in the series might be better than the first three which were by Timothy Boggs I think Seidman s characterization of Hercules is better but that s about all for improvements.The

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