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Doctor Who The TARDIS Materialises On Board A Dark And Silent Spaceship As The Doctor, Susan, Ian And Barbara Penetrate The Craft S Eerie Gloom They Come Across What Appear To Be The Bodies Of Two Dead Astronauts But The Astronauts Are Far From Dead, And Are Living In Mortal Fear Of The Sensorites, A Race Of Telepathic Creatures From The Sense Sphere When The Lock Of The TARDIS Is Stolen The Doctor Is Forced Into An Uneasy Alliance With The Aliens And When He Arrives On The Sensorites Planet He Discovers That It Is Not Only The Humans Who Have Cause To Be Afraid

About the Author: Nigel Robinson

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Doctor Who book, this is one of the most wanted Nigel Robinson author readers around the world.

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    The Sensorites is a rather old Doctor Who novel and unlike all the other Doctor novels I ve read so far this year, it s actually just a novelization of an actual episode The good news is, at 143 pages, it s a very light read The bad news is, at 143 pages, it s a very light read.Too light a read, in fact More than once, I found the author offhandedl

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    Now THIS is a class story Both in the sense of Sci Fi but also in the sense of Doctor Who The first Doctor here is a mervelous hero to which I have been informed is very unlike him up to this point kinda a turning point for him Athough many parts were predictable, that s what made it so classic and great for me.

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    Nicely paced and true to the episode I am slowly working my way through the Doctor Who novels and the Sensorites was next in line As an episode it is an odd mis mash with the first half almost tipping into horror, with echoes of the first Alien movie, but then reeling back into almost ST TNG territory However, the novelization both fleshes the story out

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    A solid story with some interesting intrigue, although it winds up being a littlecomplicated than it needed to be The quality of the novelization itself is good at times, such as the moments with the Doctor and Susan, but merely workmanlike at others, such as stretches where dialogue is described rather than simply quoted B

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    This was a real hide behind the couch kind of story The first half of the book features a lot of scary moments with creepy aliens on a dark and foreboding spacecraft The Doctor and his companions lose their access to the TARDIS of course while exploring this almost totally abandoned ship After discovering members of the crew either comatose or insane, the T

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    This was a good science fiction adventure with an interesting alien race that started off as seeming evil but weren t really Though they did have one rather ambitious member It was nice to see an alien race in a Doctor Who episode who weren t all the same, despite looking all the same I think this is an adventure that definitely benefited from being in a nove

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    return return I was deeply underwhelmed by the TV version of this story, which fights off strong competition from The Web Planet to be probably the worst Hartnell adventure Curiously, Nigel Robinson actually manages to smooth over the most awful bits of the narrative the poor acting of the human characters, the poor characterisation of the non humans to the poi

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    Meh After the Aztecs, a return to far future blandness Others have pointed out the inconsistencies in the portrayals of the characters both human and non human I suppose that for a novelisation of a childrens TV story this really is a case of WYSIWYG There s not enough detail in the print version for the story to really matter too much it almost reads like the sc

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    I very much enjoyed this adventure of the Doctor Who series I really liked how much details were put into explaining the Sensorites culture The beginning of the book had a totally different feel than the rest, almost like the new series, but then towards the middle, it transformed into a Star Trek kind of story It had some good points, and I like how the characters

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    Now THIS is everything the novelization of An Unearthly Child isn t an under rated first season story, beautifully fleshed out by Nigel Robinson The characterseven minor onesare given their chance to shine The settings from the claustrophobic space ship to the gloriously light Sense Sphere are brought to vivid life The novel concludes with wishful thoughts from Barba

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