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No Onions Nor Garlic Ebook No Onions Nor Garlic Author Srividya Natarajan Federicoscridel.eu Amandeep, Murugesh, Rufus And Sundar Are Bucks Who Talk Dirty For The Same Reason That They Remove The Mufflers From Their Motorcycle Exhausts It Makes Them Feel Like Men Like Libertines To Their Hormonal Despair, When Professor Ram Stages His Remake Of A Midsummer Night S Dream At Their College Fest, He Casts These Four As Fairies The Farce That Follows Gradually Takes Over The Lives Of The Rest Of The Characters In This Achingly Funny Novel About The Pratfalls That Accompany Caste Pride On And Off The Campus Of Chennai University, You Will Encounter Onion And Garlic Free TamBrahms Who Rewrite Shakespeare To Uphold The Hindu Order, Smug NRIs Who Call The Shots In Matrimonials, Visiting Canadians Who Are Aghast At The Plight Of Dalits Pronounced Daylights And, At The Apex Of The Whole Tumbling Structure, A Bibulous Builder Who Invokes The Gods Even As He Defrauds His Clients Tailing The Characters Around This Plot Is An Unseen But All Seeing Spectator You May Never Guess Who That Is, But Will Laugh All The Way To The Answer.

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    P.G Wodehouse not only inspired but also unconsciously influenced generations of writers Apart from the pale imitations of his short stories published in magazines and journals, shades of Wodehouse s writing have coloured even the novels of popular and celebrated authors the motifs, the metaphors, the style in places No Onions nor Garlic by Srividya Na

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    Frankly I didnt go beyond a few 50 100 pages.I picked up this book presuming the plot or the story is a nice vivid description of the Tambram culture probably in a long lost civilization Unfortunately the author s sattire and cliche can really get irritating.You can blame it partly on the fact that the Tambrahm image might influence the reading However too many

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    this book made me vow that I will never read Indian authors again I stopped reading for a while after this book.

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    Deliciously irreverent

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    You can appreciate this book the best if you were raised in the background that forms the backbone of this novel and is dealt heavy sarcastic blows from start to finish The narrative details left me in splits most of the time and I feel super smug over the fact that my community has a knack at satire and humour that is quite unmatched in the greater picture That said, this story do...

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    Hilarious Being a south indian it was easy to relate the whole TamBrahmAss drama is so true and funny

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    The book begins with the cool sea breeze of scorching hot summer of Chennai battling against the builder Mr.Sheshadri that no matter how many towers he raises the blowing wind cannot be stopped While Mr.Sheshadri determined to win by placing stone n cement in possible corner of the coast of the city There is also Prof.Ram, challenging the world literature with his spiritually creamed Midsummer Night s Dream pla

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    Dai, FAIRIES One should seldom start a review with a quote from the book that has helped itself from another book Bit Inception alistic However, this case, I am willing to do so This book left me in splits, had some really cheeky, sardonic and satirical humor Some comical blows, many puns totally intended and misspellings aimed at a particular accent which only intensified the legitimacy of the sarcasm Now, I look back,

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    Just hours after I read the first few pages, I found myself quoting them to my husband to describe the sea breeze I remembered from my childhood to the one we were currently feeling That s why I enjoyed this book so much I recognized the characters as overblown as they were because they are a part of my history I recognized the language they used, I ve heard family speak that way I even recognized the experiences they were living

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    This is the funniest book I have read in a long, long time Pretty much on the lines of the legend, PG Wodehouse, the author has put together a hilarious collection of comedy of errors that eventually culminate in a grand finale and suddenly, all is well in the world when the last page is turned The author has taken standard Indian beliefs and superstitions and laced them with satire and grim sarcasm The dark humour enhances what would have

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