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Dragons of Light A great mix of stories about dragonsI assume thet story is about Dragons of Light, because in none of the stories, we the main dragons evil, or bad guys Really again liked George R.R.Martin s story, I should really try one of his novels I also like the fact that art drawings were added to each story It s a book with pictures.LOL..worth the read. Dragon Mania A terrific tome of thirteen tales featuring the most mythic, mysterious, terrifying of fantastic beasties great and small There are many magnificent stories authored by fantasy s most awesome like the dragon dude himself, George R R Martin, and followed by equally fantastic fellows such as Roger Zelazny, Greg Bear, Michael Bishop Jane Yolen I loved it, it was timeless despite its age Give it a read A collection of short stories revolving around dragons, the hunting of, the winning of princesses from, and such. Picked this up in a charity shop for 1 My eye was drawn to the Orson Scott Card on the cover, and the discovery that one of the short stories was authored by George R R Martin sealed the deal I haven t read anything by him and was intrigued I was also surprised to find he was known in 1980, way before Game of Thrones That Roger Zelazny also had a story was the cream.It turns out this is actually Volume One of a two volume collection of stories, each with specifically commissioned art, solicited by Card The cover blurb is somewhat alarming, running something like, Never before has art and literature been so joined Big call, that.Diverse in style and genre from poignant high fantasy to surreal modern day pastiche the collected stories are united by the presence in each of a dragon, albeit dragons as you ve never conceived them Good reading to stretch and spark the imagination.I m not rushing out to find Volume Two, but if I saw it, I d grab it I enjoyed every story, I think in part because of their unpredictability Keep an eye out for the little nugget, As above so below by John M Ford, which manages to play nice with a dragon and Schr dinger s cat. This was a collection of stories about dragons, and many of them were quite good and interesting, though there were a few that were mediocre I especially liked the one about a dragon and a knight going into business, and one about an ancient dragon hiding out in a rural town as a human teacher I found each of the stories unique, and overall i enjoyed this book. This is an anthology of stories about dragons mostly notable for a George RR Martin story about an ice dragon and the girl who loved it, a Roger Zelazny story about a knight cutting a deal with a dragon, and a Jane Yolen story about a boy who raises a dragon for the pit fights Each story is illustrated and Greg Bear illustrates his own. If you like dragons then this very good collection of short stories is for you Many top name writers contributing Recommended The Dragons Are Coming Here Are Thirteen Original Tales About That Most Popular Of Fabulous Beasts The Dragon Edited By Orson Scott Card, This Book Features Works By Authors Such As Roger Zelazny, Michael Bishop, Craig Shaw Gardner, Steve Rasnic Tem And The Ice Dragon By George R R Martin Ill Alicia Austin The George Business By Roger Zelazny Ill Geofrey Darrow One Winter In Eden By Michael Bishop Ill Val John Lakey A Drama Of Dragons By Craig Show Gardner Ill Gini Shurtleff Silken Dragon By Steven Edward McDonald Ill Ron Miller Dragon Lore By Steve Rasnic Tem Ill Victoria Poyser Eagle Worm By Jessica Amanda Salmonson Ill Glen Edwards The Dragon Of Dunloon By Arthur Dembling Ill Dileen Marsh If I Die Before I Wake By Greg Bear Ill Greg Bear As Above, So Below By John M Ford Ill Judy King Rieniets Cock Fight By Jane Yolen Ill T Windling From Bach To Broccoli By Richard Kearns Ill Geofrey Darrow Dragon Touched By Dave Smeds Ill Michael Hague I enjoyed all of the stories in this book, which doesn t happen often with short story collections Happily surprised Mostly good short stories aboutdragons.

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