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Ember (Eagle Elite, #5) BOOKS Ember Eagle Elite, 5 Rachel Van Dyken Wgf2011.eu I Am A Killer A Rapist A Monster.I Know Only Pain And Survival That Is Until The Cappo S Sister Walked Into My Life And Changed Everything.She S A Light Who Makes My Darkness Darker, Her Smile Makes My Heart Turn To Ice, And I Can T Escape The Fear Her Seductive Looks Instill Knowing It S Only A Matter Of Time Before I Fail Again, And Take Her For Myself.This Is The Story Of My Redemption But It S Not PrettyI Died, And Now I M Alive, But Not Living, Breathing But Not Surviving I Am Phoenix De Lange, Son To A Murdered Mob Boss, Estranged Brother, Horrible Friend, Monster In The Making, Newest Leader To One Of The Most Powerful Families In The Cosa Nostra.And I Will Have My Vengeance.Or Die Trying.I Am Phoenix De Lange Death Is All I Know Until She Offers Me A Piece Of Life I Can T Resist Taking.

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    I m hooked on this series I m so glad I picked it up again after leaving it for a year This is book 5 in the Eagle Elite series, and this instalment is about Phoenix and Bee The shocking thing is that I thought that Phoenix would never be able to redeem himselfAfter all in the first book he was known for rape, murdering, and torture Phoenix enjoyed being evil

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    This would have been me last night if it hadn t been the middle of the night and my baby boy wasn t sleeping P I freaking loved Ember and I love Rachel Van Dyken for the way she made me love Phoenixa thing I could have never imagined because of what he did in the beginning of the series So I did my happy internal dance and savored every moment of this novel be

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    I don t know what it is about this series that just clicks with me, but I have to say Phoenix s book may be my favourite out of all the books If you know the series you ll remember the time when Phoenix tried to force himself on Trace, back then I new he was getting his own book and I wondered how the hell he would redeem himself Thankfully his character really

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    NOW LIVE and on SALE 2.99 5 Rise from the Ashes StarsLet s get the big elephant out of the room Phoenix is a rapist I can get over the killing and maybe the female beating, but rape CRINGE I didn t think I could do it I mean I had my doubts from the very first book.BUT I love GASP Phoenix De Lang Crazy I know But Rachel Van Dyken can write some really good stuff

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    Got to say Rachel Van Dyken did a great job with Phoenix s story.I didn t think I would be to feel anything except disgusted and hate for Phoenix De Lange after reading what he did in the previous books, but Rachel managed to make me feel sorry for him and even like him Phoenix is the perfect example of tortured hero He believes that he doesn t deserve any amount

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    If I keep saying that each of these books is better than the last, I feel like people aren t going to take me seriously Or believe me So, with that being said, I won t say it I ll just think it This is definitely a tough book to get through Don t believe me Look at the blurb for goodness sake Phoenix is beyond broken, and Bee is so damaged in her own right It was

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    Let my status do the talking.

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    5 Sear You Alive Stars PLEASE read this series for this book alone I love this whole series, but this book is in my top forever books I never would have thought a book would come close to JR Ward s Lover Awakened Z Bella , which is one of my top forever books as well I LOVE that Rachel Van Dyken continues to make me LAUGH and FEEL so much in this series This mafia f

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    Phoenix DeLange and Bianka Bee Campisia match made in Heaven or Hell The newly appointed head of the Nicolasi family and the Cappo s little sister Two lonely, damaged people from dark, violent homes They both have demons and are lacking connections Bee just wants to be close to Phoenix even if it is just a as a friend, but she really wantsBut Phoenix is supposed to b

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    Three simple letters describe this book WOW From the embers of an unlikely friendship sparks the story that proves Phoenix can rise from the ashes of his past With Phoenix, Bee found the chance to live life, rather than just existing by someone else s rules.I always say Rachel never ceases to amaze me, but with each book in this series, she surpasses my expectations I

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