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The Potato Factory KINDLE The Potato Factory By Bryce Courtenay Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us Ikey Solomon Is Very Successful Indeed, In The Art Of Thieving Ikey S Partner In Crime Is His Mistress, The Forthright Mary Abacus, Until Misfortune Befalls Them They Are Parted And Each Must Make The Harsh Journey From 19th Century London To Van Diemens Land In The Backstreets And Dives Of Hobart Town, Mary Learns The Art Of Brewing And Builds The Potato Factory, Where She Plans A New Future But Her Ambitions Are Threatened By Ikey S Wife, Hannah, Her Old Enemy The Two Women Raise Their Separate Families As Each Woman Sets Out To Destroy The Other, The Families Are Brought To The Edge Of Disaster. Big, brash and epic, The Potato Factory takes us back to early 19th century London and to the early years of England s penal settlement in Tasmania, Van Diemen s Land This is the London of Charles Dickens, gritty with poverty, violence, brutality and crime, much of which we come to see, gets exported to Australia The Potato Factory is Courtenays fictionalized history of Ikey Solomon, his wife Anna and his erstwhile mistress and business partner, Mary Ikey is a London Jew, a master fence , crafty, despicable and the likely inspiration for Dicken s Fagin in Oliver Twist Ikey s schemes and machinations eventually catch up with him, and he, and separately Anna and Mary, get transported to Van Diemen s Land.This story, whether completely true or not, is a powerful tale of social injustice and greed and of our ability to overcome this It is also a lush and vivid portrait of this time in English and Australian history, lovingly researched and clearly Courtenay s homage to the grit and determination that characterized the European settlement of Down Under The characters are all richly textured and memorable, truly Dickensian, and the story line, with its plot twists and intrigues, is an emotional roller coaster of a ride The Potato Factory is story telling at its best.And I cannot finish without giving another strong plug for the audiobook, narrated by Humphrey Bower His voicings and narration bring a lif Bryce Courtenay takes readers on the start of an amazing journey, as he commences a massive trilogy dedicated to his adopted homeland of Australia Weaving through history while using his masterful ability to spin tales, Courtenay offers up his own perspective of how the Land Down Under developed while still under the auspices of the British, populated by their social and criminal outcasts in the early part of the nineteenth century Isaac Ikey Solomon is well known on the streets of London as a forger and counterfeiter like no other While the authorities have him on their radar, they are not yet able to catch him with anything concrete to make an arrest Working alongside him is Ikey s wife, Hannah, whose cutthroat way of thinking has earned her a reputation as well While she enjoys the spoils, she is wary of Ikey, ever the crook, and has made sure to keep a close eye on his antics Sensing this strain, Ikey has allowed his heart and mind be captivated by an unlikely source, the lowly Mary Abacus Klerk, who sought to better herself by using her brains, onl Holy hell This is one damn good book Bryce Courtenay still amazes me in his level of research comparable to only authors such as Diana Gabaldon and Jack Whyte It deals with the populating of the British colonies in Australia, Tasmaina, and New Zealand While the accuracy of detail is impeccable, his skill as a storyteller is what keeps me hooked on ordering his books from Australia Good God, I hope this I read this as a download from Audible.com Humphrey Bower is an exceptional narrator effortlessly giving each character their own distinct voice I was enthralled with Courtenay s writing and Bower s narration I don t know if I d give it five stars as a print book or not, but I recommend it as a

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