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31 Days Trilogy This box set combines three amazing books into one delicious little bundle of sexy loveliness One of my hottest lead men Dan will leave you unable to put these books down and have you begging CJ Fallowfield for book 4 The story begins with winter where we meet Ellie Baxter, who flees to Scotland to recharge and recover from her love rat ex Little does she know she d meet the most gorgeous man she d ever seen and who turns both of their lives upside down on an incredible ride of love, loss, excitement and passionDAN swoooon.Their journey continues through summer, with twists and one heck of a bomb shell Dan and Ellie embark on a relationship, which is easier said than done with Dan being one complex and stubborn yet hot as hell male Autumn sees the end of their story, the most dramatic and heart wrenching book of the trio Dan and Ellie s lives relationship faces the biggest test yet Can they get through the t One of the best Trilogies you ll read, there s every emotion you have ever experienced right here in these 3 books Not to mention the very hot delectable Dan who capture s the heart of Ellie This Trilogy is number 1 in my favorites list C.J Fallowfield has this wonderful ability to put you Read 31 Days Trilogy Author C.J Fallowfield Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk A Change That Changes It AllI Wanted Something New, A Way To Start Over, To Forget The Pain, Move Away From The Past.And I Got It But Be Careful What You Wish For.I Wanted The Fairytale, With Love, Lust, And Promises Of Tomorrow But Along With That Fairytale, I Also Got A Nightmare, Full Of Pain, Tears, And Loss I M Ellie Baxter, And This Is My Story This Contains All Three Books From The 31 Days Trilogy, At A Saving Of Over 25% When Compared To Buying The Three Individual Books 31 Days Of Winter31 Days Of Summer 31 Days Of AutumnThe Trilogy Contains Adult Content, And Suspenseful Scenes, And Is Therefore Only Suitable For The Over 18 S. This 1 best selling trio of books is now available in a box set, at a saving of over 25% Find out why readers have called this a stunning and emotional love story When Ellie s life changes and she flees to a remote island in Scotland to re evaluate her life, she wasn t counting on meeting the mysterious Dan Their attraction was instantaneous, but factors drove them apart and their battle to try and find their HEA was fraught with mystery, drama, and susp Beyond WordsIt s been a very long time since I ve given a book four stars but this one deserves it Love, romance, danger, this set has it all and Be prepared to fall in love, to fall out of love, to laugh and to cry What a ride This is a story about Ellie and Dan It is a long story but an amazing story The author hooked me and I was not able to put it down The first part is when they meet and Dan presents himself as someone other then himself There are twist and turns some very funny moments You fall in love with both the characters and you will want of them Second book is trying and Dan s true self comes out There are some things that happen throughout the story that will leave you on the edge of the seat, but again kept me interested Third part totally changes story lines and becomes kind of a criminal, mystery story, again I could not put down C.J Fallowfield ties up the story very well so as a reader we First came Winter, which then developed in to Summer and as the heat faded and the leaves turned, finally came Autumn This trilogy, you just can t put down, from start to finish.Ellie Baxter is an unfortunate soul Not very experienced, nice and extremely genuine as a person Ellie is wronged by the person who is dearest to her At the end of her spiral is the wonderful Dan, a simple man, so it would seem with an uncomplicated life, living remotely and unchallenged on a Scottish island Their story develops with each instalment Their chemistry blossoms and the fireworks released There are many WTH moments, it s heart wrenchingly good, it s sad, it s funny in parts , it s tragic The story moved me, I couldn t wait for each instalment This trilogy guarantees a rollercoaster of emotions, including some very funny laugh out loud moments, as well as some heart stopping, sad and frustrating experiences.As the winter develops into Summer they resume their will they won t they romance, a sad story of depriv When 26 year old Senior Editor, Ellie Baxter, discovers that her relationship was founded on lies, she retreats to a small boathouse, on an island in the middle of a loch, in a remote part of Scotland, to lick her wounds and re evaluate her life Her intention was to be as far away as humanly possible from any distractions, as she tries to follow her life long dream of writing a novel.Dan, the gorgeous caretaker of the island that she escapes to, however, instantly challenges that plan Sexual sparks fly from the moment he picks her up from the airport Yet while the mutual attraction is undeniable, Dan insists that nothing can ever happen between them, they can only be friends He wants to know Ellie s life story, but refuses to give away much about himself, not least where he disappears to for four hours every day Ellie is intrigued by him and becomes determined to break down his emotional walls, as well as tempt him into her bed While she succeeds, when she finds out that he s been keeping secrets from her too, it turns her world upside down again Will Dan s candid explanation resolve everything and pull them back together, or will his confessions prove insurmountable for Ellie and drive a final nail in their coffin Just when Ellie finally seems to have her life figured out, someone with a grudge comes seeking vengeance Ellie is forced to choose betw This is one of my favorite series The love story of Dan and Ellie No its not pretty but it s sexy as hell Ellie is down on love so she decides to get away to remote island when she meets Dan the care taker Sparks fly big time but that line can t be crossed no matter how much Dan wants her, it s for her own good, but will he be able to hold off her advances Once that line is crossed can Ellie accept all there is about Dan or is the relationship doomed from the start The 31 Days box set is the epic love story of Ellie and Dan, by the talented author CJ Fallowfield It s packed with everything to make it a fantastic readlove, hate, annoyance, lies humour, sex and deceit The characters you find yourself easily connecting with CJ adds magical elements to her writing which allows the plot to flow with eas

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