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I Chose Freedom I Chose Freedom is melodramatic in title only It is the work of an average communist party member during the Stalin era Kravchenko was a technocrat who miraculously cut through the totalitarian fabric of Stalinist ideology to demonstrate the bureaucratization of Soviet life and the annihilation of genuine intermediate social structures, such as families, trade unions, professional and re This book was my grandfather s gift to my mom ,Reading such a heritage meant a lot to me especially when it belongs to a dear person ,. Kravchenko was one of the first defectors from the Soviet Union, in a time when defecting from the Soviet Union wasn t cool It doesn t bring any new information on the situation in the Soviet Union, but it does point out a lot of the Soviet bureaucracy as well In the last pages it does point out the American handling of the relations with the Soviet Union during the second wo . Fantastic It is an autobiography Stalin is 10x Hitler The closed society was very good at turning their own people against each other and creating such an environment of fear that nobody would dare speak o 1905 , 30 40 , 30 20 , 20 . A must read and a life changer Reading this book was really scary After this book, nothing can make you like Stalin and the Soviet Union Kravchenko was one of the first defectors from the Soviet Union, persecuted, he killed himself in the USA A powerful first hand account of an apparatchik who survived the multiple Stalinist purges of the Communist party an Should be a must read for all those who are enad with Socialism Communism. Really, nobody has read this My interest comes from these lines in his wikipedia article Kravchenko also wrote a lesser known book, that was the sequel to I Chose Freedom , entitled I Chose Justice in 1950 His inspiration came from a paranoia stemming from his Trial of the Century and the McCarthy s, so called, anti communist witch hunt Kravchenko realized that the western world engaged in injustices against humanity resembli PDF Epub I Chose Freedom Victor Kravchenko Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk I Chose Freedom Is Melodramatic In Title Only It Is The Work Of An Average Communist Party Member During The Stalin Era Kravchenko Was A Technocrat Who Miraculously Cut Through The Totalitarian Fabric Of Stalinist Ideology To Demonstrate The Bureaucratization Of Soviet Life And The Annihilation Of Genuine Intermediate Social Structures, Such As Families, Trade Unions, Professional And Religious Organizations If One Is To Acquire A Real Appreciation Of The Magnitude Of Changes Underway In The Soviet Union, One Must First Review The Actual Character Of The Totalitarian Inheritance.

About the Author: Victor Kravchenko

Soviet defector who wrote up his experiences of life in the Soviet Union and as a Soviet official He also wrote about his experience under American Capitalism

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