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The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March/April 2018 From Titan, to Chernobyl, to Nigeria, the stories in this issue of FSF are varied in setting and mood, ranging from space faring science fiction to eighteenth century fantasy I like the variety, as per usual, and thought this a particularly strong issue The Satyr of Brandenberg, a fine novelet by Charlotte Ashley, left me wanting to read about the characters adventures Chi Hui s story, Deep Sea Fish, translated by Brian Bies, reminded me, yet again, how much I enjoy stories set elsewhere in our solar system I liked the humor and warmth of Joseph Bruchac s short story, The Next to Last of the Mohegans I admired Jeff Crandall s dark and clever acrostic poem After the Wolf Though I liked the pieces named above, I liked the novella, Andy Stewart s Likho, better yet a beautifully told, haunting story about the aftermath of Chernobyl I also found myself strongly moved by Susan Palwick s compassionate n An above average issue, with interesting stories by Charlotte Ashley, Ted Rabinowitz and G.V Anderson The Satyr of Brandenburg by Charlotte Ashley an interesting tale set in historical France with supernatural elements A competition of duels is called but one of the participants is an unusual Satyr who would appear to have no sword skills but has the skill to seduce people into doing his bidding This would be use to terrible effect on the other competitors until only one is left to resists his charms Deep Sea Fish by Chi Hui, translated by Brian Bies set on Titan, a moon of Saturn, this tells the story of a rush to record ancient alien artefacts found there before they literally melt away via efforts to terraform the cold moon to make it comfortable for humans to live by heating things up As so often happen in such stories, disaster strikes the environmental modification effort and mankind has to learn to live with the consequences The Next to the Last of the Mohegans by Joseph Bruchac a short story abo PDF Epub The Magazine Of Fantasy Science Fiction, March April 2018 Author C.C Finlay Capitalsoftworks.co.uk NOVELLASLikho Andy StewartNOVELETSThe Satyr Of Brandenburg Charlotte AshleyDeep Sea Fish Chi HuiHideous Flowerpots Susan PalwickA Dog Of Wu Ted RabinowitzSHORT STORIESThe Next To The Last Of The Mohegans Joseph BruchacThe Beast From Below William LedbetterA Swim And A Crawl Marc LaidlawThe Harmonic Resonance Of Ejiro Anaborhi Wole TalabiDown Where Sound Comes Blunt G.V AndersonPOEMSAfter The Wolf Jeff CrandallDiaspora Mary Soon LeeDEPARTMENTSBooks To Look For Charles De LintMusing On Books Michelle WestPlumage From Pegasus The Varley Corps Wants You Paul Di FilippoScience Naked Eye Astronomy Jerry OltionFilms The Shape Of Things Coming Soon David J SkalComing Attractions Curiosities Robert EldridgeCARTOONSArthur Masear, Arthur Masear, S Harris, S Harris,Danny Shanahan, Bill Long, Kendra Allenby.COVERCory And Catska Ench For The Satyr Of Brandenburg So much good horrific fiction here LOVED the violence and horror and heartbreak of Hideous Flowerpots by Susan Palwick read the Junji Ito esque fable freakout A Swim and a Crawl by Mark Laidlaw twice still spooked by the unfriendly freshwater mermaids of Down Where Sound Comes Blunt by G.V Anderson mind body singularity in revolutionary Nigeria by Wole Talabi PLUS witch children and magic drugs in PripyatI will never ever forgive myself for not writing William Ledbetter s The Bea A really solid edition Some of the stories were lighter entertainment A couple standouts for me were Deep Sea Fish by Chi Hui, Likho by Andy Stewart, and Down Where Sound Comes Blunt by G V Anderson. This issue has several very good stories by new or almost new authors.Charlotte Ashley The Satyr of Brandenburg 3 stars Sword and sorcery and women warriors This story just didn t excite me.Chi Hui Deep Sea Fish 4 stars Future archaeology, studying alien structures on the moon and on Titan Well written but a bit sparse.Joseph Bruchac The Next to the Last of the Mohegans 4 stars Native Americans, little people, magic, toe nails and a time machine Now, make a story out of that It s kind of rambling but enjoyable.Andy Stewart Likho 5 stars An unusual story which takes place in the ruined area which resulted from the Chernobyl event Very well done.William Ledbetter The Beast From Below 4 stars A new take on the 1950s monster movies where the monster was a normal animal grown supersized because of radiation Humorous and cute.Susan Palwick Hideous Flowerpots 5 stars Ever so often you run into a story with a totally new and unique plot That s the case here where a woman organizes a support group to make people nice.Marc Laidlaw A Swim and a Crawl 5 stars You don t know where this story is going until the very end Suicide Escape Adventure Come to think 7 The Satyr of Brandenburg 24 pages by Charlotte Ashley Very Good Good La Heron has made her way to Castillo de Vico Zonza in hopes of finding a way for Alex to be released from her service While she sends Alex to party with the nobles Heron is in a contest with a hefty purse for the winner To her dismay the Satyr of Brandenberg is there He cheats, he enchants his foes into eliminating each other Heron fears, with good reason after we see the first battle, that Alex is in danger.31 Deep Sea Fish 25 pages by Chi Hui Good Very Good Yance is an archeologist visiting Titan to see the alien ruins before the terraforming destroys them He finds out that his local contact, Izzy, is pushing for the moon to be left as is Izzy has quite an affect on Yance and he sees merit in her point of view.56 The Next to Last of the Mohegans 13 pages by Joseph Bruchac Good Arlin, too smart for his own good, gets himself in trouble with the Little People, and calls his best buddy to get him out of his predicament.89 Likho 53 pages by Andy Stewart Good Sonya wants to study the mural at the orphanage in Pripyat Seven witch children were somehow protected from the Chernobyl meltdown radiation that made the rest of the city unsafe It may be that Birch was responsible for that protection Seeing the mural reminds Sonya of Likho from her childhood A sort of spirit child that her grandmother exorcised from her Now Likho i Some jarringly fun short stories with such a great variety Highly recommend these Good issue, with numerous stand out pieces Novella Likho by Andy Stewart, a fantastic, creepy tale set around the ruins of Chernobyl Novelet The Satyr of Brandenburg by Charlotte Ashley, a fresh historical setting with fun characters Novelet Deep Sea Fish by Chi Hui, my favorite of the batch Classic sci fi kind of tale with resonance and depth Story The Next to the Last of the Mohegans by Joseph Bruchac, great vo Enough good stories to make issue worthwhile Likho by Andy StewartEngaging adventure story as woman hires guide for illegal trip into the Chernobyl contamination zone, following rumors of ghost children who were left behind in the evacuation Add conflicting Orange Revolutionaries and secret government laboratories, and a touch of the supernatural Deep Sea Fish by Chi HuiColonists researchers on Titan find ancient writings in the ice, signs of a vanished race Terraforming project jeopardizes the ice, and the aline record The Harmonic Resonance of Ejiro Anaborhi by Wole TalabiNigerian girl sees a mysterious object fall from the sky It has some strange attributes, but dad is too busy organizing clean water protests to listen The Beast from Below by William LedbetterGiant radioactive critters terrorize Oklahoma town Godzilla of the great plains, mildly amusing ending Down Whe

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Editor The Magazine of Fantasy Science Fiction fandsf.com Author The Prodigal Troll, the Traitor to the Crown Series, and Wild Things, and dozens of short stories.Awards nominated for the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer 2003 , the Hugo Award 2003, 2009 , the Locus Award for Best Magazine 2016 , the Nebula Award 2003, 2009 , the Sidewise Award 2003 Sturgeon Award 2009

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