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Gentleman Jack PDF Epub Gentleman Jack By Anne Lister Ls17.eu There Are Ways Than One Of Being Happy I Am Living Proof Of This Anne Lister Was Remarkable Fearless, Charismatic And Determined To Explore Her Lesbian Sexuality, She Forged Her Own Path In A Society That Had No Language To Define Her She Was A Landowner, An Industrialist And A Prolific Diarist, Whose Output Has Secured Her Legacy As One Of The Most Fascinating Figures Of The 19th Century Gentleman Jack The Real Anne Lister Follows Anne From Her Crumbling Ancestral Home In Yorkshire To The Glittering Courts Of Denmark As She Resolves To Put Past Heartbreak Behind Her And Find Herself A Wife This Book Introduces The Real Gentleman Jack, Featuring Unpublished Journal Extracts Decrypted For The First Time By Series Creator Sally Wainwright And Writer Anne Choma.

About the Author: Anne Lister

Anne Lister 1791 1840 was a well off Yorkshire landowner, diarist and traveller Throughout her life she kept diaries which chronicled the details of her everyday life, including her lesbian relationships, her financial concerns, her industrial activities and her work improving Shibden Hall Her diaries contain than 4,000,000 words and about a sixth of them those concerning the intimate det

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    This book is a rather interesting and somewhat valuable insight into the life of Anne Lister The book is split into chapters, with some rather tasty diary entries throughout It reminded me of a Jane Austen novel, in a way, or, that might be just me I am aware of the TV series called Gentleman Jack and I ve heard that this book follows it pretty

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    As reading the diaries themselves as edited by Helena Whitbread is a bit too intensive for me right now, I was happy to find this book It provides background for the tv series and has selected some of the most interesting diary passages I was especially fascinated by how Anne used the diaries as a ways of reasoning with herself I had to laugh quite a cou

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    Very pleasantly surprised to discover how closely the TV series sticks to the primary sources

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    Anne Choma s Gentleman Jack The Real Anne Lister is an excellent companion to the HBO and BBC adaptation Supplementary and expansive, there is no hint of any partiality in this fascinating biography that succinctly tells not only of Lister s liaisons with a lot of women but also her insatiable hunger for education despite women s almost lack of rights then Her deta

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    As I m thoroughly enjoying the BBC drama of Gentleman Jack I felt compelled to read this companion to the series and I m really glad I did It was an absolutely fascinating read which gave insight into the characters and the times although the TV series is extremely accurate and very well done Actress Suranne Jones who plays GJ sums her up well She s a bit Marmite, this one but lo

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    This companion to the BBC HBO series is thorough and well researched I m sure many who enjoyed the series, and want , will be glad that this is available.

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    I don t generally buy books which are heralded as a movie or tv tie in But this companion to a forthcoming tv production about a period in Anne Lister s life is a compelling read I ve read a couple of books about Anne Lister which cover the whole of her life in greater depth Gentleman Jack is informed, well written and examines a crucial couple of years in the life and times of this extraordinary l

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    Decent, but disappointingly narrow in scope only covers around 2 years of Anne s life, almost solely focused on her relationship with Ann Walker Good starting point for someone who wants to discover after watching the show, but wouldn t recommend to someone looking for a proper biography.

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    I was a little disappointed with this one, to be honest I finished watching Gentleman Jack and now found myself fascinated by Anne Lister, and I was very excited to read about her life beyond the scopes of the TV show However, this book doesn t really go much beyond that, and only covers about two years of Anne s life which are mostly also portrayed in the TV series This is a shame to me, as there is so much of he

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