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All the Dead Souls (Dead Souls, #1) Well I don t like this I know I haven t given it much of a chance, but I know only this far in that I don t like the main character The combination of red silk sheets, black silk pajamas, leopard print slippers and smug Savannah Miller wants nothing than to live a quiet and peaceful life Living on the outskirts of town, she s content with keeping to herself After all, she s quite different from the rest of the town s residents.A natural born witch, she s done everything possible to maintain her lone existence Granted, she s still nursing the pain and heartache of losing her mother under unexpected circumstances In the blink of an eye, however, things soon change It s now up to her to make sense of the trouble that s landed on her doorstep.All The Dead Souls has quite a promising premise We re introduced to Savannah, catching glimpses of the people she interacts with every day Savannah is the type of her person who s content with keeping to herself She s been through so much that she d rather remain in the shadows She also often wishes that she had nothing to do with the power coursing through her veins Power gifted to her from the mother she lost not too long ago.Kali Rose has crafted quite an interesting world The characters are complex The things they go through every day even so While I did enjoy the premise of this book, I found myself shying away from the main character Savannah isn t a likable person She does everything in her power to push away those who try to befriend her, even her own friends I m honestly surprised her friends didn t get upset with her for brushing them away so much.Overall, this is a story that does piqu Reading All The Dead Souls Dead Souls, 1 By Kali Rose Schmidt Sioril.co.uk Book One In The Dead Souls Series When A Vampire Moves Into Town, A Monster Intent On Revenge On His Heels, A Reluctant Witch Is Forced To Come To Terms With Her Present Power And Her Muddled Past.Savannah Miller Lives A Quiet Life, And She Likes It That Way A Witch Who Can Speak To The Dead Has No Need For Additional Thrills But When A Vampire Named Damon Moves Into Greystone, Right Next Door No Less, Things Start To Getcomplicated A Bloodthirsty Monster Seeks Vengeance And Catches Savannah In Her Crosshairs Dark Family Secrets Begin To Rear Their Bloodstained Heads The Local Priest Turns Out To Be Keeping Secrets Than Just The Confessions Of His Congregation An Ex Shapeshifter Lover Demands Answers To Questions That Shouldn T Be Asked And That S Just The Start.To Deal With Her Horrific Past, Open Herself Up To Feeling, And Harness The Power That S Been Passed Down Her Family Line, Savannah Is Forced To Take On The Biggest Obstacle In Her Life Herself. I had an INCREDIBLE time writing this book For lovers of small town vampire witch romance, this is for you We ve got mystery, a little magic, a lot of blood, haunting family history, and It s a wild ride with a lot of dark forces.This is the first in the series, an explosive introduc I liked this book, but there were some stretches in the plot that made it hard for me to totally get into the book Here s an example, Sav meets Damon and doesn t like him, is leery and doesn t want to invite him in her home for fear he will never kept out again That same night, though the scene descriptions don t state any internal change in character s feeling toward Damon, she invited him in and tried to kiss him The next chapter she states she cares about him It s crazy It almost feels like I missed Savannah Miller is a witch who can sense and speak to the dead or Ghosts Whenever she feels ice cold down to her bones she knows there is someone dead close by One night she wakes up feeling this sensation and she decides to follow it to its source It takes her to her neighbor s house that has been vacant, but now there s a moving can Parker there being unloaded Also next to it is the owner leaning on his car She walks up to introduce herself and his name is Damon Cooper and he s a vampire So begins the story of our two main characters You ll meet others along the way as well as other witches, vampires and shapeshifter An evil vampire named Katherine has followed Damon and is seekin I found this book difficult to get into The first part of the book is very densely written prose that seeks to give backstory as well as insight into the primary character, Savannah Not much dialogue happens for quite a while, which does get tedious especially when the prose is not straightforward.The book partly revolves around Savannah s new neighbor, Damon, who is a vampire Savannah is not comfortable with vampires, especially as she doesn t know his particular feeding habits she might become dinner There s This is my 1st read and review for this author and what a fantastic story I loved it Savannah is a witch who can speak to the dead she lives a quiet life and she s fine with that until a vampire moves in next door Savannah is the girl that wants to be a loner she pushes everyone away even the only few friends that she has she doesn t even want her powers but when she gets caught up in the crossfire of Savannah is a witch who can speak to the dead Damon is a vampire and Savannah s new next door neighbor Loved that even though Savannah is a witch she didn t feel comfortable around Damon I look forward to reading about the amazing world and the Great read I really enjoy Kali s writing style Loved the storyline and am looking forward to what s next for these characters in the sequel.

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