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Reinventing Jenna Rose Reinventing Jenna Rose, Propels The Reader On A Fast Paced Journey Through The Life Of A Young Girl, Jenna Rose, Who Is Determined To Realize Her Self Worth And Overcome The Trauma Of A Childhood Where She Was Forced To Be The Muse For Her Child Photographer Father S Art Jenna S What Now Moment Arises When She Is Left Alone In The Loveless California Lake House She Shares With Her Mostly Absent Mother After Her Parents Divorced Jenna, While Ransacking Her Mother S Closet, Uncovers Evidence Of A Grandmother, Whom She Never Knew Existed Living In New York City This Soon Proves To Be The First Of Many Family SecretsSeemingly, Pulling Courage Up From Her Socks, Jenna Resourcefully Takes Herself Across The Country And Lands On The Upper West Side Of Manhattan Doorstep Of Her Affluent Maternal Grandmother, Katherine O Connor Katherine, Imposing At First, Softens And Begins To Weave A Tale Of Her Own Traumatic Upbringing In An Effort To Get Jenna To Open UpYet, With The Help Of A Street Smart New York Neighbor Girl, A Quirky Therapist, A White German Shepherd And A Story Telling Grandmother, Jenna Overcomes The Hardships Of Her Past, And Comes Into Her Own At The Age Of Thirty Without Retaining The Veil Of Victimhood This Sad, Funny, Quirky Novel, Is Infused With Humor And Literary References While Relating A Multi Generational Family Saga And Legal Thriller In The Voice Of A Young Woman On A Courageous Solo Journey

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    Jenna Rose is struggling with her self image as a result of being the muse for her father s art as a photographer Her parents have now divorced, and her mother is never around.One day, while alone at home, she goes digging in her mother s closet and learns she has a grandmother she knew nothing about, but that s only one of many family secrets ahead of Jenna.She t

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    Reinventing Jenna Rose is really the perfect name for this book Joni Marie Iraci has written a compulsive fast paced story about one girl s journey towards self discovery and self acceptance Jenna Rose had a tough childhood A father who featured her in child porn photos and a practically absent mother When she discovers she has a grandmother in New York she never knew

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    Victim or survivor You read and decide which one Jenna is.I read this book very fast and was very impressed with the story and how Iraci portrayed it on paper It was as if watching it play out on the big screen.Women you don t want to miss this 4 star read this summer The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review A favorable review was not required and

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    Since she was a little girl Jenna Rose has always been her fathers muse, he s a photographer and features her in his art Now her parents are getting a divorced and her mother is never home While left at home again by herself she decides to go through her mothers closet and starts to uncover some family secrets Discovering she has a grandmother that no one has told her about S

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    I went into this one with a vague idea of the storyline and was immediately hooked Jenna runs away from a childhood of trauma in search of her grandmother in New York City Over time she finds a new community of people that love her, to replace the loving family she never had This new family helps Jenna comes to terms with her past and sets her on a new path A little thriller, a l

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    Jenna Rose is a very troubled young girl, neglected by her parents, alone and lonely But she proves to be brave and resilient as well, even as she is harboring a dreadful secret Jenna s story is compelling, somewhat tragic, but it is also a story of survival and self discovery.

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    I liked this book It was a quick read for me It was a fast pace book like NYC would be like in my mind had I ever been Jenna Rose is a smart girl form a sad family Yet she pulls through life and and overcomes her hardships of her past It s a sad, funny book with some humor and slit of your family drama Thankfully she has an amazing grandmother to see her through this crazy time in life T

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    Reinventing Jenna Rose by Joni Marie Iraci is my first time reading this author, and it won t be my last This book was a very quick read It is a dark and sad story but it also has some humor sprinkled in It is very well written, the characters are believable This book kept me turning the pages and kept me engaged The description of New York City makes you feel like you are right there with t

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    Try to remember it isn t where you start out in life that matters, but where you end up Reinventing Jenna Rose takes readers on an emotional roller coaster, diving into the traumatic story of seventeen year old Jenna Rose A victim of her father s child pornography business and essentially abandoned by her mother, Jenna has endured far pain and tragedy than I could ever imagine at such a young a

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    I really liked this book The story depicts the isolated and lonely life of Jenna Rose who was abandoned by her mother and being kept in captivity in her own home by her stepfather who uses her for child pornography After running away from home, Jenna finds her Grandmother in New York who provides her a better life The novel showcases Jenna s struggles to overcome her traumatic past, the journey she

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About the Author: Joni Marie Iraci

I am a retired Registered Nurse who raised three children before returning to college in my late fifties to pursue a life long dream of becoming a writer I earned a bachelor s degree in liberal studies with a concentration in writing and literature from Sarah Lawrence College before earning an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University at the age of 66 My short stories can be found in the