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The Body Double A Dark, Glittering Debut Novel, The Body Double Is The Suspenseful Story Of A Young Woman Who Is Recruited By A Stranger To Give Up Her Old Life And Identity To Impersonate A Reclusive Hollywood StarA Strange Man Discovers Our Nameless Narrator Selling Popcorn At A Decrepit Small Town Movie Theater And Offers Her An Odd And Lucrative Position She Will Forget Her Job, Her Acquaintances, Even Her Name, And Move To Los Angeles, Where She Will Become The Body Double Of The Famous And Troubled Celebrity Rosanna Feld A Nervous Breakdown Has Forced Rosanna Out Of The Public Eye, And She Needs A Look Alike To Take Her Place In The Tabloid Media Circus Of Hollywood Overseen By Max, Who Hired Her For The Job, Our Narrator Spends Her Days Locked Up In A Small Apartment In The Hills Watching Hidden Camera Footage Of Rosanna, Wearing Rosanna S Clothes, Eating The Food Rosanna Likes, Practicing Her Mannerisms, Learning To Become Rosanna In Every Way But As She Makes Her Public Debut As Rosanna, Dining At Elegant Restaurants, Shopping In Stylish Boutiques, And Finally Risking A Dinner Party With Rosanna S True Inner Circle, Alarming Questions Begin To Arise What Really Caused Rosanna S Mental Collapse Will She Ever Return And Is Max Truly Her Ally, Or Something Sinister With Echoes Of Hitchcock S Vertigo, The Body Double Is A Fabulously Plotted Noir About Fame, Beauty, And The Darkness Of Hollywood

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    It wasn t my favorite the pacing was odd and while the premise was fantastic, I found most of the characters, particularly our unnamed protagonist difficult to invest in in any meaningful way.Shades of Hitchcock but not quite enough and I predicted the surprise which is always a let down.Thank you very much to Emily Beyda, Doubleday Books and NetGalley for giving me the chance to read and revie

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    Three, no, this is not the book I dreamed to dive into, the plot was intriguing, the beginning was interesting, but then all slowness no play made me dull and axe carrying Jack Torrence kind of disturbed person because I m so bored to death stars When I start reading this book I asked myself these questions Do you like Almodovar s movie Skin I live based on Thieery Jonquet s Tarantula novel YES What

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    A girl is hired to serve as a celebrity s double in the public eye And a girl has no name She is taken to LA, trained to become Rosanna the celebrity and eventually starts making public appearances as her The book is narrated from the point of view of the nameless double and it is slow paced The novel does not have a lot of dialogue and, at times, there were 4 5 pages describing the thoughts of the namel

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    An unnamed woman has the chance to leave her dull existence as a movie theater employee in a small town for the unique opportunity to move to L.A and work as the body double for the troubled celebrity Rosanna Feld Rosanna has been out of the spotlight for almost a year no one has seen or heard from her since her rud nervous breakdown.The details are handled by a man named Max on behalf of Rosanna Our unnamed

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    The Body Double is a unique, dark, and claustrophobic story of a woman who is hired to be a body double for famous actress Rosanna Feld Rosanna has had recent anxiety issues that have kept her hidden from the public eye, so her manager has been tasked to find someone to keep up appearances for her This woman, who remains nameless throughout the story which I found very gripping is the perfect fit and is hired Ros

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    I don t think I ve ever reviewed a book before it comes out I feel like I have secret info to impart to you The Body Double comes out in March and I can totally recommend it to you It s about a common girl who is approached to be a body double for a celebrity Hitchcock s movie Vertigo and the book I read and reviewed a while back The Paper Wasp we re both a little similar to this one My reactions, in order, as I read W

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    I m such a sucker stories about the dark and depraved side of celebrity.I think it all goes back to my Jackie Collins obsession GlitterNSleaze

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    I ve detailed below why I am disappointed with this book It is not a thriller It is not worthy of being compared to Hitchcock If you are not interested in knowing who does what, don t read further You have been warned All spoilers ahead view spoiler We re introduced to a no name woman from the middle of nowhere, with no real life to speak of She s broke and miserable, growing up with abuse and emerging into adulthood from foster

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    Thank you to doubledaybooks for my gifted copy This one publishes on 3 3 2020 The Body Double by Emily Beyda 19 in 2020 When a man named Max comes to her small town, he recognizes that she ll be perfect for the role After signing an NDA and leaving her entire life behind her, our narrator moves to Los Angeles to become the body double for Rosanna Feld, the famous disaster and a half celebrity Our narrator learns how to act, talk, wal

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    She s working in a run down mall movie theater when a man appears and hires her to work as the body double for a celebrity who has disappeared from the public eye due to a breakdown It s a lot of money and the unnamed narrator accepts the job, shedding her own identity to become adept at impersonating the celebrity As she slowly takes onpublic appearances, the risk of discovery become higher and her own sense of who she is begins to shift

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