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About the Author: Charles Simic

Charles Simic born Du an Simi is a Serbian American poet and the 15th Poet Laureate of the United States He is co Poetry Editor of the Paris Review Simic is the 2007 recipient of the Wallace Stevens Award from the Academy of American Poets This 100,000 US prize recognizes outstanding and proven mastery in the art of poetry.

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    When Charles Simic emigrated to America as a teenager, he carried the War and Belgrade along with him My travel agents were Hitler and Stalin, Simic says.Although he published a few books before Dismantling the Silence, Silence was the first of his books I read, and it made a great impression on me I thought of abandoned cities, hallowed out buildings Walls strafed with bullets, spattered with blood , Everything about the place screams out Hunger But there is some very funny gr

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    I first read this book about 30 years ago, and have kept coming back to it.In my opinion, this is one of the best books by a great American surrealist poet Such poems as Fear, Butcher Shop, The Inner Man, Fork, My Shoes, Ax, Invention of Nothing, and errata are powerful examples of Simic s ability to dig deeper than language, far down into pre literate culture, to discover primal, one could even say elemental, relationships.Here is Fear Fear passes from man to manUnknowing,As one leaf passes its s

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    Every morning I forget how it is.I watch smoke mountIn great strides above the city.I belong to no one.Then, I remember my shoes,How I have to put them on, How bending over to tie them upI will look into the earth.

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    I was deep into William Blake when I discovered this book The contrast between stanzas of bended knee prayer asking forgiveness and Simic s blanetnet blasphemy shocked my conscience A little excited by the torment found within his work , I carried the book of poems from the library with the title facing out, hoping others might see what I was reading Instantly, I was older No one noticed.

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    Another collection by Mr Simic that amazes me His style to take the surreal and with two dozen words flip those words into poetic masterpieces Section III I strongly recommend reading One title called Eating Out The Angel of Death dirty minds, maybe Favorites Forest Hunger Sleep Bones Last Supper Hearing Steps Bestiary for the fingers of my right hand Fork Stone

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    A book of poems recommended by a fellow teacher back in 1988 I found a few that I could relate to, although he deals with some interesting juxtapositions and writes some eloquent lines The just didn t fit together for me I liked To All Hog raisers My Ancestors Fear Fork My Shoes Stone Poem Without a Title Invention of Nothing and Errata.

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    Una excelente antolog a Un gran poeta Yo la le en la versi n biling e publicada por Para so Perdido Un gran libro.

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    I used to read a LOT poetry than I read now but this early collection of Simic s is one I keep coming back to.

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    Simic writes grizzly bears like a stone cracks a knuckle and when the black creeps out of milk.

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