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Survivor Song A Riveting Novel Of Suspense And Terror From The Bram Stoker Award Winning Author Of The Cabin At The End Of The World And A Head Full Of GhostsIn A Matter Of Weeks, Massachusetts Has Been Overrun By An Insidious Rabies Like Virus That Is Spread By Saliva But Unlike Rabies, The Disease Has A Terrifyingly Short Incubation Period Of An Hour Or Less Those Infected Quickly Lose Their Minds And Are Driven To Bite And Infect As Many Others As They Can Before They Inevitably Succumb Hospitals Are Inundated With The Sick And Dying, And Hysteria Has Taken Hold To Try To Limit Its Spread, The Commonwealth Is Under Quarantine And Curfew But Society Is Breaking Down And The Government S Emergency Protocols Are FalteringDr Ramola Rams Sherman, A Soft Spoken Pediatrician In Her Mid Thirties, Receives A Frantic Phone Call From Natalie, A Friend Who Is Eight Months Pregnant Natalie S Husband Has Been Killed Viciously Attacked By An Infected Neighbor And In A Failed Attempt To Save Him, Natalie, Too, Was Bitten Natalie S Only Chance Of Survival Is To Get To A Hospital As Quickly As Possible To Receive A Rabies Vaccine The Clock Is Ticking For Her And For Her Unborn ChildNatalie S Fight For Life Becomes A Desperate Odyssey As She And Rams Make Their Way Through A Hostile Landscape Filled With Dangers Beyond Their Worst Nightmares Terrifying, Strange, And Sometimes Deadly Challenges That Push Them To The Brink Paul Tremblay Once Again Demonstrates His Mastery In This Chilling And All Too Plausible Novel That Will Leave Readers Racing Through The Pages And Shake Them To Their Core

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    Literary horror is my new love language, and I ll be damned if a novel about a mutated rabies virus didn t make me start sal

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    rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies tremblay rabies

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    New Paul Tremblay

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    Beware Paul Tremblay is not interested in writing stories readers can walk away from unscathed Survivor Song will leave emotional trenches in your heart l

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    Rating 9.0 10Full review closer to publication

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    as someone with a rabies phobia, reading this book will be an extra thrilling experience.

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    eARC provided by Edelweiss This book started out so strong The terror of the virus and the tension throughout the book was great Things started to fall apart about halfway through the

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    I think this may be my new favorite Tremblay book I laughed, I became scared, then I was sad This is a story about a disease that is super rabies zombie outbreak not actually a zombie outbreak a

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    My entire heart was shattered from the beginning Such amazing pacing and direction The side characters met along the way elevated the story creating tension and suspicion It s like somebody paired Jericho

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    Can t wait to read this

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