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The House Guest I have read five or six Mark Edwards books in the last few months and this one is probably somewhere in the bottom middle.I found the premise intriguinga couple is housesitting for friends and a young woman shows up, claiming to be friends with the owners She knows enough to be convincing and commences with havoc wreaking What s not to like, right Exceptit felt a little inconsistent and a little lightweight.I enjoyed it enough and read it in a day, it was easy to zing through and the beginning completely grabbed me but it felt a little rushed I m sorry to say this because I am a HUGE fan.I am, however, incredibly grateful to Mark Edwards, Publishing and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this ARC. It s a hot, humid summer in New York City British born Adam and Ruth are housesitting for wealthy Mona and Jack Cunningham at their large Brooklyn house while they are away They met on a cruise where Ruth was acting in a production of The Tempest, she now has a lead role in a Broadway play, her career is taking off Adam is an aspiring writer but is not as yet successful, so there s an unevenness to their relationship One night there a tremendous storm, there s a knock at the door and there, soaked to the skin is Eden They invite her in as their kind and she s dripping wet She says she knows Mona and Jack well and that they d invited her to stay if ever she s in New York So Adam and Ruth do just that, after all the house is huge and there s plenty of room What can possibly go wrong The story is told principally by Adam with some input from Ruth I m going to say very little about what unfolds as it will spoil the journey for future readers but a lot of the plot is all too possible There are perhaps one or two occasions where it strays into the zone of the far fetched but did I enjoy it Oh yes It s a fast paced, seat of your pants, twist and turn kind of a read It s well written and exciting and just as you think you ve figured a few things out there s another revelation and.you re wrong Although not all the characters are very likeable they are well portrayed Adam is very likeable and real Overall, a thought provoking and enjoyable read Many thanks to NetGalley and Publishing for the arc. I love Mark Edwards books so much Of course I went blind without reading the blurb or any other reviews, additional comments and I invented a new happy dance between Macarena, line dancing, Criss Cross Jump Jump moves to celebrate my ARC And of course I had a great time with this unputdownable page turner It s one of my easiest reads with action packed, fast paced, high tension, riveting chapters It gives you the vibes of Netflix s Osho documentary Wild Wild Country meets Sinner s second season meets Eyes Wide Shut Yes you got the picture Welcome to the secret society Adam and Ruth, a couple, an actress and an astonishing writer in Williamsburg for home sitting the friends house they ve met on the cruise They reminded me of the couple of Divorce hmm sorry Marriage Story s Charlie and Nicole but this time, Adam is struggling writer who couldn t accomplish his dreams not yet as Ruth slowly climbs the career ladders after her indie movie s unexpected success As they home sit the couple s house Jack and Mona , a young woman named Eden appears at their door step, soaking wet, insisting that she is friend of the couple, adding she is always staying at their place when she is in NY So without second guessing, our puffy hearted, na ve British couple believe in her story and welcome her What could go so bad She seems friendly, talkative, respecting their boundaries And Adam is so stressful after he gets rejected several times for his writing gigs, befriending her, going to the swimming, hanging out at the pubs, taking selfies But the very same night, house s real owners arrival, they had tequila shot party goes wild and emotional ends with dancing in the rain, meaningless giggles, hugging ceremony And the next day, Adam realizes Eden disappeared into thin air and Ruth is also nowhere to be seen And the worst part is as soon as Jack and Mona come back, they insist that they don t know anyone named Eden And they start to think, Adam lies about Eden and he is involved of disappearance of his own girlfriend So where did Ruth go Did Eden kidnap her Is Adam drugged at that night Who is the bearded, old man spying on them at the night time There are too many twists, surprising realizations and tension building moments made you sit on the edge and biting your ipad, kindle or hardcopy to destroy your gums Ending was also, quirky and weird Only minor thing that bothered me was there were so many unlikeable and irritating characters on the book including Ruth As a writer I could only empathize with Adam At least he acted decent and faithful from the beginning.Overall Exciting, dazzling, heart throbbing, thought provoking, mind numbing reading I m rounding up my 3.5 stars to 4 I cut it for small plot holes and weird characterization I love this author s work and I keep going blind to happily read whatever he creates.Special thanks to NetGalley and UK for sharing this nail biter ARC in exchange my honest review.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter 3.5 stars A perfect summer A perfect stranger A perfect nightmare.A perfect time for me to say Don t be so quick to answer your door to a stranger Have we learned nothing from reading books But I digressRuth and Adam are house sitting in New York when a young woman shows up dripping wet in the middle of a rainstorm She tells them she is there to visit the owners of the home who told her she could stop by whenever she wanted Children are taught not to talk to strangers, apparently this duo was never told not to let a stranger into a home.Twists, turns, revelations, a cult did I say cult they re not a cult their friends very special, creepy friends and a couple of huh moments and an ending that well.hmm.still trying to figure out how I feel about that one But this was a fast fun read that was outlandish and crazy at times but highly entertaining So, in short, entertaining, fast read, and educational it reinforced not opening the door to strangers, advised me to stay away from creepy pens and proved Mark Edwards creates interesting and original story lines.Thank you to Publishing UK and Netgalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own. 3.5.Mark Edwards never fails to take an ordinary domestic situation and turn it into your worst nightmare.A British couple, Adam and Ruth, are house sitting in New York City.One evening a young woman knocks on the door, claiming to be a friend of the owners They invite her in, and then to stay.A decision Adam and Ruth will soon live to regret When I first read the summary for The House Guest, I was equal parts thrilled to bits and someone hesitant that hot on the heels of his previous release Here to Stay the two plots sounded very similar My concern was unfounded though as it quickly became clear that this was heading in a completely different, excited beyond words, direction And what a ride it was A quick fire, action packed, twisty read that I would normally have read in a day or two, but given everything that s going on at the moment, took me a lot longer Definitely no reflection on the book I was on the edge of my seat anxiously awaiting where things were heading, however Part Three felt a little rushed, and the ending was pretty out there, have to say As I continue to mull it over, it becomes clearer what led up to it, and why the author chose to end it the way he did, but I m still undecided whether or not it was one step too far Chapter s were medium length, narrated mainly by Adam, but there were also chapters in Ruth s POV If not for the last 20% this would have been one of my top favourite s of his books It was still great though, and like all his books, definitely worth reading I d like to thank Netgalley, UK Publishing, and Mark Edwards for the e ARC.Publication Date 3rd June, 2020. You are housesitting in NYThere is a summer stormThe doorbell ringsand, standing there, drenched, is a harmless looking young woman, who claims to be friends with the ownerWOULD YOU INVITE HER IN The premise HOOKED methe story, did not just like with my first attempt from this author, The Retreat , which I actually preferred to this one Mark Edwards is a three million copy best selling author with many fans, so clearly I am just not the right audience for his work Thank You to NetGalley, Thomas Mercer, and the author for the digital ARC I received in exchange for a candid review Fans can grab a copy on June 3 2020 Protect one, protect all. Looking back through the many Mark Edwards books I ve read over the years, most of which I ve rated 4 stars with the occasional 3 sprinkled in , I d definitely say The House Guest falls near the bottom of the group Although this story is written in Edwards speedy, fun, action packed stylewhich I lovethe plot simply didn t hold my interest At the beginning, I was ALL in I mean, how creepy to invite a stranger into your home, thinking she s a friend of a friendonly to find out that isn t the case at all I actually can t say much than that, for fear of giving away spoilers, but the direction the story took was very meh for me So many times, while reading, I found myself whispering, Why would he DO that or What was she thinking The actions of the characters seemed forced, which is something I m so unfamiliar with in Edwards book, it was discombobulating I did, however, appreciate all the research he did about NYC, and living in the United States His hard work definitely paid off, as the setting certainly seemed legit to me.While this wasn t my favorite of his novels, it s still a mostly fun read, and one I d recommend, especially if you ve never read Mark Edwards novels before You can purchase your very own copy on June 3, 2020My sincere thanks the publisher for my review copy. A Perfect Summer A Perfect Stranger A Perfect Nightmare When British Twenty Somethings Ruth And Adam Are Offered The Chance To Spend The Summer Housesitting In New York, They Can T Say No Young, In Love And On The Cusp Of Professional Success, They Feel As If Luck Is Finally On Their SideSo The Moment That Eden Turns Up On The Doorstep, Drenched From A Summer Storm, It Seems Only Right To Share A Bit Of That Good Fortune Beautiful And Charismatic, Eden Claims To Be A Friend Of The Homeowners, Who Told Her She Could Stay Whenever She Was In New YorkThey Know You Re Not Supposed To Talk To Strangers Let Alone Invite Them Into Your Home But After All, Eden S Only A Stranger Until They Get To Know HerAs Suspicions Creep In That Eden May Not Be Who She Claims To Be, They Begin To Wonder If They Ve Made A Terrible Mistake The House Guest Is The Chilling New Psychological Thriller From The Three Million Copy Bestselling Author Of Here To Stay And Follow You Home 3.5 StarsReview to follow A chilling psychological thriller that starts off with a slow burn and keeps building Adam and Ruth are house sitting in NY for a couple that they met on a cruise It is an opportunity for Ruth because she is wanting to work on Broadway as an actress Adam is a writer trying to find his big break in NY as well They are an ordinary, realistic couple with a flawed relationship due to their struggles of wanting to be successful.When Eden, a young woman, shows up at the front door dripping wet on the last week of house sitting and says she is friends with the homeowners and that they have given her an open invitation to stay whenever she is in the area, the couple are unsure what to do Ruth and Adam can t contact the owners to get approval because they are away on a retreat so they decide the girl is honest looking and agree to let her stay This is the start to a series of events that are soon to do damage to their relationship, their work, their life and A clever and gripping thriller with interesting characters Somewhat predictable but Mark Edwards always manages to pull a punch or two that is entertaining and satisfying.Many thanks to Publishing UK and NetGalley for a great read.

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