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The Red Tent Her Name Is Dinah In The Bible, Her Life Is Only Hinted At In A Brief And Violent Detour Within The Familiar Chapters Of The Book Of Genesis That Are About Her Father, Jacob, And His Dozen Sons Told In Dinah S Voice, This Novel Reveals The Traditions And Turmoils Of Ancient Womanhood The World Of The Red Tent It Begins With The Story Of Her Mothers Leah, Rachel, Zilpah, And Bilhah The Four Wives Of Jacob They Love Dinah And Give Her Gifts That Sustain Her Through A Hard Working Youth, A Calling To Midwifery, And A New Home In A Foreign Land Dinah S Story Reaches Out From A Remarkable Period Of Early History And Creates An Intimate Connection With The Past Deeply Affecting, The Red Tent Combines Rich Storytelling With A Valuable Achievement In Modern Fiction A New View Of Biblical Women S Society

About the Author: Anita Diamant

Anita Diamant is the author of twelve books the newest novel being THE BOSTON GIRL She recently published an updated edition of her VERY FIRST book, which was The New Jewish Wedding THE JEWISH WEDDING NOWAddie Baum is THE BOSTON GIRL, born in 1900 to immigrant parents who were unprepared for America and its effect on their three daughters Growing up in the North End, then a teeming multicultural neighborhood, Addie s intelligence and curiosity take her to the wider world of the 1910s and 20s short skirts, celebrity culture, and new opportunities for women.Anita is best known for her first novel, THE RED TENT, which was published in 1997 and won the 2001 Booksense Book of the Year Award Based on the biblical story of Dinah, THE RED TENT became a word of mouth bestseller in the US and overseas, where it has been published inthan 25 countries Three other novels followed GOOD HARBOR, THE LAST DAYS OF DOGTOWN and, DAY AFTER NIGHT.Anita has also written six non fiction guides to contemporary Jewish life, which have become classic reference books THE NEW JEWISH WEDDING, THE JEWISH BABY BOOK, LIVING A JEWISH LIFE, CHOOSING A JEWISH LIFE, HOW TO RAISE A JEWISH CHILD, and SAYING KADDISH. An award winning journalist, Diamant s articles have appeared in the Boston Globe Magazine, Real Simple, Parenting Magazine, Hadassah, Reform Judaism, Boston Magazine and Yankee Magazine.PITCHING MY TENT, a collection personal essays, is drawn from twenty years worth of newspaper and magazine columns.

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    The Red Tent is very loosely based on the story of Dinah in Genesis, and it is a book that is very easy to read Dinah s tale is one that deserves fleshing out in the Bible it is an interesting though undeveloped and uncertain chronicle The author does a fairly decent job of developing her female characters, but her mal

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    I was at Border s Express one day searching for a little something to curl up in a chair with for an extended period of time When I was approached by a clerk asking me if I needed help with anything, I KNOW, WEIRD , right Customer service Who knew it even existed any Anywho, I made my desire known to the saleswoman and she poin

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    In Hebrew literature, there is a form called Midrash which in essence is an exegesis on Hebrew texts Even though I m not Jewish, I would personally categorize this book as Midrash.Why Because Anita Diamant does not stray from the Jacob Dinah story in the bible one whit Many people who read this book and then go back to the biblical text

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    Are you ready to go into the Red Tent JACOB S DINASTY THE REALITY SHOW We have been lost to each other for so long My name means nothing to you My memory is dust This is not your fault, or mine The chain connecting mother to daughter was broken and the word passed to the keeping of men, who had no way of knowing. Disfunctional family falls short

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    My mom got me this book for Christmas mainly because she wanted to read it I read the summary on the back and I was intrigued, but wasn t intending to pick it up right away until my mom demanded that I read it as soon as possible so she could read it So I did I read it in a day.I m a fast reader no matter what, but give me a good book, I ll finish it fas

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    The Red Tent, Anita DiamantDinah opens the story by recounting for readers the union of her mother Leah and father Jacob, as well as the expansion of the family to include Leah s sister Rachel, and the handmaids Zilpah and Bilhah Leah is depicted as capable but testy, Rachel as something of a belle, but kind and creative, Zilpah as eccentric and spiritual, and Bi

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    Anita Diamant image from her site The Red Tent offers a female perspective on the biblical tales of Jacob, father to the twelve tribes of Israel, and his family, people with some serious issues, who would be right at home on HBO, with copious quantities of blood and betrayal to hold one s interest Dinah was the only daughter of Jacob It is through her eyes and her retelli

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    This was a very compelling read, and I don t have enough words to describe how beautiful the writing is Anita Diamant wove a very intricate and poignant story that captivated me, and I think I ll be moonstruck for a while The Red Tent follows the life of Jacob s daughter, Dinah, who s a minor character in the Book of Genesis Diamant pretty much expanded Dinah s story and it s told

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    Anytime a work of fiction targets a Judeo Christian audience, it s hard to rate Should religious doctrine be taken into account, or should we judge it solely on it s merits as a good story Because I think some of thenegative reviews of The Red Tent are in regards to its biblical inaccuracies Let me start by saying that if you re a moral conservative who believes in the Old Testament, I d a

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    The ONLY reason I read this is because a post menopausal lady I worked with at the time said, Hey this book is great you ll love it You have to read it and tell me what you think my book club is reading it I got it at Costco So about four chapters into it I thought, wait this is really depressing and I don t want to even finish reading this when I can read my Bridget Jones talk about Vodka and Prid

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