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Cat's Eye Cat S Eye Is The Story Of Elaine Risley, A Controversial Painter Who Returns To Toronto, The City Of Her Youth, For A Retrospective Of Her Art Engulfed By Vivid Images Of The Past, She Reminisces About A Trio Of Girls Who Initiated Her Into The Fierce Politics Of Childhood And Its Secret World Of Friendship, Longing, And Betrayal Elaine Must Come To Terms With Her Own Identity As A Daughter, A Lover, And Artist, And Woman But Above All She Must Seek Release From Her Haunting Memories Disturbing, Hilarious, And Compassionate, Cat S Eye Is A Breathtaking Novel Of A Woman Grappling With The Tangled Knots Of Her Life

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    i know for a fact that books were written and published after this one, but i can t for the life of me understand why.come to my blog i know for a fact that books were written and published after this one, but i can t for the life of me understand why.come to my blog

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    This is the middle of my life, I think of it as a place, like the middle of a river, the middle of a bridge, halfway across, halfway over I m supposed to have accumulated things by now possessions, responsibilities, achievements, experience and wisdom I m supposed to be a person of substance The scary thing is that you stay a child inside that accumulation of life You take your childhood with you when you enter the g

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    I look at the progression of 5 star ratings by friends mostly women and wonder if it is a womanly weakness to rate a book 5 stars which deconstructs the world from the female perspective Is this visceral urge something to be ashamed of, something you must suppress to show due deference to standards of literary appraisal But then why don t I feel conflicted enough while handing out my 5 stars to those modern masterpieces writte

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    I began then to think of time as having a shape, something you could see, like a series of liquid transparencies, one laid on top of another You don t look back along time but down through it, like water Sometimes this comes to the surface, sometimes that, sometimes nothing Nothing goes away I have no doubt that much of what happens to us in childhood is directly related to the adults we eventually become Like the protagonist Elaine Ris

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    One of Atwood sfamous works of fiction, Cat s Eye is at once a meditation on the sorrows and comforts accompanying age as well as a coming of age story about a tumultuous and abusive bond between two young girls The novel juxtaposes past and present against each other, via twin narratives about the protagonist s childhood and adulthood The latter plot follows artist Elaine Risley as she returns to bustling Toronto, the city of her desolate youth,

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    Katzenauge is one of the many novels of the well known Canadian author Margaret Atwood.It is the story of two women and their friendship a friendship that became hostility a story about childhood, about growing up.The style of writing is gripping, almost enthralling, so that the reader feels so close to reading so the impression arises that the narrative contains biographical features.

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    What it s about We are survivors of each other We have been shark to one another, but also lifeboat That counts for something The power of abusive friendships and relationships is the theme of this book, though not all the relationships are tainted, so it s not depressing and at times it s quite amusing e.g discerning the mysteries of puberty There is also a fair bit about art and artists, with a dash of early feminism Plot structureElaine is an artist in her late f

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    Love blurs your vision but after it recedes, you can seeclearly than ever It s like the tide going out, revealing whatever s been thrown away and sunk broken bottles, old gloves, rusting pop cans, nibbled fishbodies, bones This is the kind of thing you see if you sit in the darkness with open eyes, not knowing the future Margaret Atwood s Cat s Eye is a novel about an artist, Elaine Risley, returning to Toronto for a retrospective of her work Elaine s retrospective provides t

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    Pity wanting PainReading Cat s Eye is like watching a film, only with smells, and taste, and touch in addition to cinematic sight and sound Its heroine, Elaine, has all these outward wits which Atwood captures magnificently But, although Elaine is an artist, she has almost nothing of the inward wits of communal sense, imagination, fantasy, estimation or memory.The story is three dimensional the North South dimension of her life with her parents who migrate every year from Toronto to th

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    As a relative latecomer to the works of Margaret Atwood this was my fourth book in she continues to impress and engage immensely Cat s Eye has, like The Blind Assassin which it predates by around a decade memory and memories as its central narrative device Both novels have a central protagonist nearer to the end of their days than to the start looking back and confronting the memories from various periods in their earlier lives Ostensibly, that is as far as any similarity goes be As a relative l

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