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Sinister Magic I M Val Thorvald, And I M An Assassin When Magical Bad Guys Hurt People, I Take Care Of Them Permanently This Doesn T Make Me Popular With The Rest Of The Magical Community As You Can Tell From The Numerous Break Ins And Assassination Attempts I Ve Endured Over The Years But Thanks To My Half Elven Blood, A Powerful Sword Named Chopper, And A Telepathic Tiger With An Attitude, I Ve Always Been Able To Handle My Problems With Aplomb Maybe Some Cursing And Swearing, Too, But Definitely Aplomb That Changes When My Boss Is Afflicted With A Mysterious Disease, A Government Agent Starts Investigating Me, And A Godforsaken Dragon Shows Up In The Middle Of My Latest Job I Ve Taken Down Vampires, Zombies, And Ogres, But Dragons Are Way, Way Powerful And It Doesn T Look Like This One Is Going To Like Me Worse Than That, He Wants To Use His Magic To Compel Me To Do His Bidding, As If I M Some Weak Minded Minion That S Not Going To Happen I D Die Before Being Some Dragon S Slave But If I Can T Figure Out A Way To Avoid Him, Save My Boss, And Get Rid Of The Government Spook, I M Screwed Or Dead Or Screwed And Dead And That S Never Comfortable

About the Author: Lindsay Buroker

I m a full time indie fantasy and science fiction author When I m not writing, I m ferrying my dogs to hiking trails for adventures.

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    Sinister Magic is book one in a brand new urban fantasy series, Death Before Dragons, by Lindsay Buroker.What an AWSOME Urban Fantasy It reminded me a little of Kate Daniels series, yet completely different It s got an older snarky heroine, a fun tiger side kick, and a patronizing

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    I like Lindsay Buroker and enjoy her books, but they re outside my usual genre i.e while they often contain romances, those romances aren t ever truly central Even her sci fi romance books written under a penname are a blend with the sci fi as emphasis So I have to be in the right mood for

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    Sinister Magic was interesting I love how the novel is straight forward It didn t waste any time in creating predictable suspense.

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    3.7 starsWhy, oh why does one of my most favorite authors jump on the YA 1st person narration bandwagon It s so sad, I could cry Half elf Val is a government contracted assassin fighting magical criminals When she crosses pass with a dragon on one of her missions, she earns his scorn by killing the magica

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    Great new series by Lindsay Buroker Already grab a copy of second book and can t wait for its release.

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    2.5 5Readable but predictable and formulaic It had great moments and it doesn t treat itself too seriously I mean, the story s protagonist sleeps and fights with a sword named Chopper and a gun called Fezzik She s six feet tall and can bench pressthan her body weight Accompanied by magical tiger with whom she has nice ba

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    3.5 stars This was entertaining and a good set up first book for a new series The last series by this author I really clicked with was her Emperor s Edge series which I got the first book back in the heady days when getting free ebooks was a new and awesome thing I loved that series, especially its brand of humor, the world buil

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    Lindsay Buroker knows how to craft interesting complex yet fun and often utterly cool characters like no other She s also the champ at creating kick a heroines my favorite kind of character That skill is fully on display in her new book, Sinister Magic, the start of her newest series, Death Before Dragons The lead here, half elf assassi

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    Originally published at Reading RealityIt s been a while since I ve seen a new urban fantasy series, let alone one that I couldn t wait to dive into Once upon a time, urban fantasy and its kissing cousin paranormal romance were everywhere, but now, not so much.Not that there aren t plenty of existing series that are still going strong, but new

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    3.5Magic Dragons A bad ass, weapons toting, sarcastic, confident and competent female lead Yes Sign me up. I m really enjoying the start to this new series, and can t wait to see where the story goes my only issue is that everyone really seems to treat the h like crap if they aren t trying to murder her on the spot or that she is annoying them in some

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