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Lost in the City of @ Rhubarb Pie Is Gone Twelve Year Old Samantha Has Special Powers, But She Has Yet To Master Them In The Wake Of September Th Sammy Attempts To Use Her Powers To Turn Back Time And Change The Course Of History In Search Of Her Lost Father, Whom She Affectionately Calls Rhubarb Pie However, In Her Botched Attempt To Manipulate Fate, She Falls Down A Rabbit Hole And Becomes Lost In A Virtual Wonderland As She Wanders The Fantastical City Of , She Meets A Variety Of Zany Characters With Questionable Motives In Order To Break Free Of This Wacky World And Find Her Way Back Home, She Must Restore Her Faith And Connect With Her Powers Before She Disappears Forever Will Sammy Find Her Father Before She Loses Herself Lost In The City Of Is A Charming And Imaginative Work Of Fiction That Contends With What It Means To Experience The Chaos Of Trauma, Rediscover Oneself, And Heal From Unspeakable Loss

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    Lost in a Great BookLost in the City of is like The Phantom Tollbooth and Alice s Adventures in Wonderland Michael Bell s style of writing reminds me of the stories by Ronald Dahl This is a roller coaster of an adventure, full of creative language an

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    What an adventure This book is quirky, creative, and full of heart.The nonsensical style and kooky characters are quite reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, while metaphors represent the pain and despair that arose out of the tragedies of 9 11 It s a fabulous b

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    My kids are voracious readers, and with spending so much time at home during the Corona Virus Pandemic, they ve been tearing through books like crazy I liked the concept of Lost in the City of , so I bought a few copies for my kids, and they can t put it down They keep

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    The concept of time is central to this mind bending fantasy rooted in the events surrounding 911 I loved listening to the audiobook version of Lost in the City of , narrated by Isabella Tugman She is able to breathe life into the complex characters in a unique and lighthearted wa

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    Never in my life would I have thought I would like a science fiction or fantasy book But I am a personal friend of Isabella, who recorded the audio for this book I am so happy that I read this book I couldn t put it down from the very first chapter Never in my life have I ever thought that

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    I love this book, I can t seem to put it down MickeyBell you certainly have a wild imagination I m on chapter 11 fantastic book but I don t want to end it I want to keep reading it.So if you want to get a wild book I highly recommend this for you you won t be disappointed, any age can read this

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    This book is absolutely lovely Bell paints a perfect picture of the mindset of a preteen as she deals with loss Poignant message, beautifully written Samantha is relatable and readers will feel for her every turn of the adventure I enjoyed each of the characters Not one was unlikable I got it onUnlimited and

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    I am looking forward to the release of this book Love the description Love the topic Can t wait.

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    Be prepared to be lead back to the reality through and adorable and full of enchantment story, where you will be able to recognize the metal stage that a lost could cause.

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    CLASSIC I am an avid reader Lost in the City of is my all times favorite book There is Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and Marcello Mastroianni And now, there are Izzy Tugman and Michael Bell outstanding producers, authors, and artists who created this classic book Not only the story line depicts jarring drama and tragedy that are ard

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