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Kindred The First Science Fiction Written By A Black Woman, Kindred Has Become A Cornerstone Of Black American Literature This Combination Of Slave Memoir, Fantasy, And Historical Fiction Is A Novel Of Rich Literary Complexity Having Just Celebrated Her 26th Birthday In 1976 California, Dana, An African American Woman, Is Suddenly And Inexplicably Wrenched Through Time Into Antebellum Maryland After Saving A Drowning White Boy There, She Finds Herself Staring Into The Barrel Of A Shotgun And Is Transported Back To The Present Just In Time To Save Her Life During Numerous Such Time Defying Episodes With The Same Young Man, She Realizes The Challenge She S Been Given To Protect This Young Slaveholder Until He Can Father Her Own Great Grandmother.

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    After reading Parable of the Sower, I had to go right out and buy Butler s most famous novel Kindred I was not disappointed It is amazing that this book was written in 1976 and feels just as fresh and timely in 2016 Dana, a young African American woman who has just started a career as a writer in California, is suddenly and inexplicably yanked back

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    The ease Us, the children I never realized how easily people could be trained to accept slaveryButler is an author that constantly pops up on Best sci fi and Must Read African American authors lists and I can finally see why This book may be my first by her, but it won t be my last Kindred is a fascinating, horrific journey through a dark time in American hi

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    Octavia Butler is an amazing writer If you enjoy reading SF F, or even an interest in speculative fiction, you would like her work.Kindred, first published in 1979, would become her most best selling novel.This is also a painful book to read because of its graphic depiction of slavery and Butler wastes no time in demonizing what was demonic Describing the slave life f

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    On October 5, 2004, Octavia E Butler visited my graduate university to give a lecture and book signing I was really impressed by her She actually spent several hours at the university, giving a public interview with one of the professors, then a short lecture to a large auditorium, then a book signing I even skipped class in order to attend The interview was really fascinating,

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    Octavia Butler amazes me She writes science fiction that is full of complicated ideas about race and sexuality that are completely readable I ll innocently start reading, thinking only to get a solid start on the book, and suddenly discover I m halfway through the story That isn t to imply she s a light weight, however her works are emotionally and ethically dense, the subject of numerou

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    I had no idea what Kindred is about prior to reading it, I previously read Octavia Butler s Wild Seed and thought it was marvelous, and Kindred seems to be her most popular work judging by Goodreads ratings So buying a copy of Kindred without knowing anything about it was a no brainer I even deliberately avoided looki...

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    I never realized how easily people could be trained to accept slavery. I wanted to love this book I knew the slave narrative might be harrowing though it s not overly graphic , but it has an average GR rating over four stars, features time travel dilemmas, has a strong, intelligent, kind, and practical female protagonist, and gives thought provoking insights into the complexity of US race relations in the

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    DNF at 50% with some skipping What came first, the egg or the chicken What came first, the badly written book or the reading slump Hard questions to answer but one thing is certain It definitely did not help forcing me to reach 50% of this book I only did it because of my rating rule and because I wanted to bitch about it So here it is again the time for an unpopular opinion I though this book to be TERRIBLE I don t

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    Kindred is about a woman named Dana who gets transported time travels back to the past She travels way back to the time when her great great grandparents were alive This also happens to be a time of slavery Dana is a black woman from the 1970 s who is married to a white man Each time she is thrown into the past, she has to learn how to live and survive in this time while staying true to herself I love books about time travel

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    I remember the astonished fear I felt when I read Primo Levi in High school and realized how easily one can go along with dehumanization in order to save his life As much as we humans like hiding behind false truths, we re merely trying to go easy on ourselves and to maintain our breakable feeling of control We don t control shit From the moment I read Holocaust accounts, I ve met a lot of people assuring me that these days wouldn t eve

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