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Biomega, Vol. 6 (Biomega, #6) Biomega, Vol 6 Biomega, 6 Free Author Tsutomu Nihei Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Searching For The Key To Save A World Beyond Hope Tsutomu Nihei S Sci Fi Horror Epic Reads R To L Japanese Style M Audience In Tsutomu Nihei S Nightmare Vision Of The Future, The N5S Virus Has Swept Across The Earth, Turning Most Of The Population Into Zombie Like Drones Zoichi Kanoe, An Agent Of Toa Heavy Industry, Is Humanity S Last Hope, And He S Not Even Human With The Help Of Fuyu, A Digitized Intelligence Built Into The Computer System Of His Heavy Dual Coil Motorcycle, Zoichi S Search For The Key To Salvation Will Take Him On A Journey Across Surreal Landscapes And Hurl Him Into Battle Against Mind Bending Evil Prepare Yourself For The Ultimate Trip Prepare Yourself For The World Of BIOMEGA.Final Volume Niarudi And The DRF Rule The Strange Cordlike World Of The Restorative Yet Without Eon Green, Niarudi Will Never Be Able To Remake The World As She Wishes Now The Biomechanical Inhabitants Of The Restorative Are Beginning To Succumb To Dronification, A Result Of The N5S Plague That Wiped Out The Original Earth Only Zoichi And Fuyu Can Stop The Nightmare From Repeating Itself, But To Do So They Ll Need To Find Eon Green And The Incredible Secret She Holds About The Past That Will Shape The Future The Final Confrontation Is At Hand, And The Prize For Victory Is The Power To Transform Humanity And The World Itself

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    After thinking it over, I ve come to the conclusion that my thoughts on Volume 6 also sum up my feelings for the series in general Biomega is a visual feast but a very difficult story to follow Perhaps because I don t read Sci Fi or Horror manga I was really fascinated by Tsutomu Nihei s dark, hide

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    This manga is the usual Nihei stuff, some Killy like badass character is on a mission and kills monsters along the way You can expect action, violence, blood, decapitations, etc The drawings are beautiful as usual The whole world seems to be set in the same as Blame but before Blame and Noise Nihei introduce

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    In the end I think what was good about this series was the artwork and what wasn t so good was the story I think a couple of times the plot rambled around a bit and then at other times it jumped decades If I were to be my most critical I d say it was almost as if the author didn t know how to finish the story when the

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    The story concludes, feeling just as opaque as when it started Overall it feels very random, almost like there is a larger,complete story and this is just a condensed adaptation of it But I don t think that is the case, unless the greater story exists in the author s head notes So I think the author just made up whatever they w

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    This is a great series, but the ending falls down a bit Along the way, characters go missing that are never reintroduced, Zoichi s badassery becomes too easy, and the last panels are clouded in mystery I...

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    Fittingly action packed and a brutal, surprisingly sacrificial, ending to the series The illustration looked a bit different oddly but it was a satisfingly strange book Gotta say I m looking forward to readingof Nihei s stories If the art was a BIT different I could really like his stuff a lot.

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    The art started looking tired by volume 5 I was pretty much done by volume 3, but I still wanted to keep going There s some stunning work in the first few volumes, knock your socks off action shots, not to mention Kozlov the bear I like the elements of the story, even the bones of it, I just c...

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    This series is a confusing, but hard to put down, mostly because of how pretty it is That being said, I would whole heartedly recommend this to people who can appreciate a descent story and character development if the art is good enough Also, you have to like sci fi horror

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    Not for the young or faint of heart, but certainly for adults who crave alternative literature to consume 100% A excellent manga if you like deep, dark, violent, and mysterious.and of course the plot story is way cool If you enjoy adult manga, this is about as good as it gets.

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    could have had a better ending ,i wish the bear hadof role a better role ,ya know kicking ass and all that jazz but Goichi was pretty badass

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