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The Corn Grows Ripe A Newbery Honor BookCan Tigre Find The Strength And Courage To Support His Family When Tigre S Father Is Badly Injured In An Accident, The Family Is Thrown Into Turmoil Who Will Plant And Harvest The Corn That They Need To Survive And To Please The Mayan Gods The Neighbors Have Fields Of Their Own To Tend, And Tigre S Mother And Grandmother Cannot Do It On Their Own Twelve Year Old Tigre Has Never Done A Man S Work Before Can He Shoulder The Burden On His Own, And Take His Father S Place A Book Of Special Artistic Distinction, With Its Well Told Story Rich In Mayan Folkway And Custom And Its Boldly Appropriate Drawings The Horn Book

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    If I were to simply rate Dorothy Rhoads 1956 The Corn Grows Ripe one of the Newbery Honours for 1957 uncritically and as a story in and of itself, I most probably would be considering a high three star ranking but most definitely not as yet four stars, as aes

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    Two stars is really too low of a rating for this book I might not carry it all the way to three, but it s definitely worthy of two and a half The Corn Grows Ripe is a short but solidly crafted story about a modern day Maya family, seen mostly from the perspec

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    This is another book that I enjoy while I m reading, but I know that later I won t remember many details of the story This is also another Newbery honor that I wonder why it won Not that it isn t a perfectly nice story It s a quick read and a coming of age story about Tigr

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    Newberry Honors 1957This is a coming of age story told from the perspective of a 12 year old boy growing up in a small village on the Yucatan peninsula It is nicely told, but the story has multiple problems I tried to find information on Dorothy Rhoads, who she was and what her m

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    The Corn Grows Ripe reads like an easier, consistently interesting version of And Now Miguel It describes roughly a year in the life of a young boy as he takes on the responsibilities of a Mayan corn farmer.Although the setting is the Yucatan peninsula, the cultural information would a

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    An interesting story of a modern era Mayan boy who has to clear and plant his family s milpa corn patch after his father is injured While Mayan legend and Mayan gods play into the telling of the story, it still felt a little lacking and I am not sure why this was a Newbery Award winner Decent

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    Only let it be a good rope, Tigre Do not disgrace us with poor workmanship And let it be finish if you begin I wasn t sure if I was going to like this book It opens up with an Indian Maya folk tale about how man is made from corn It the goes into the story of a young boy of 12 named, Tigre, who is no

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    The Newbery committee really went through a Mayan phase .

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    Disaster hits this family when the father breaks a leg at the beginning of corn planting season His twelve year old son must suddenly grow up and take over or the family will starve over the winter.The family is a Mayan family long after the empire is no than jungle covered ruins Traditions persist The corn planting is

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